The following text is adapted from the Savaged Fallout Wasteland Survival Guide and Savage Fallout v. 4.1

Removed Edges

Adept, Arcane Background, Arcane Resistance/ Improved Arcane Resistance, Berserk, Champion, Danger Sense, Florentine, Holy/ Unholy Warrior, Mentalist, New Power, Power Points, Power Surge, Rapid Recharge/ Improved Rapid Recharge, Soul Drain, Woodsman, Wizard.

Novice Edges

Name Requirements Notes
Die Hard   +1 Toughness when at 3 Wounds
Drunken Master Fighting d6 +1 to unarmed attack rolls after imbibing at least 8 oz of alcohol
Educated* Smarts d8 May raise 2 untrained skills above the linked attribute on gaining an advance
Entomologist Smarts d6, Science d6 +1d6 damage to mutated insects
Flower Child* Vigor d6, Spirit d8 +2 to chem addiction checks, withdrawal times halved
Gambler   +2 to Gambling rolls
Healer Smarts d6, Medicine d8 +2 to Medicine rolls
Human Feature Ghoul +1 Charisma
Hunter Survival d6 +1d6 damage to mutated animals
Increased Metabolism Human Stimpacks will heal an additional Wound and effects from chems last twice as long on a successful Vigor check
Intense Training   May raise an Attribute again if already raised in the same rank.  Once per rank
Lab Assistant Smarts d6, Science d8 +2 to scientific Knowledge rolls
Mental Block Spirit d8 Immunity against psychic attacks.
Mr. Fix It Smarts d10, Repair d8, 2 scientific Knowledge Skills at d6+ +2 to Repair rolls, With a raise he/ she repairs in half the time
Nightkin* Super Mutant +1 to Big Guns and Stealth rolls
Night Vision Notice d6 Attack modifiers for Dark and Pitch Darkness reduced to -1/-2.
Outdoorsman Spirit d6, Survival d8 +2 to Survival rolls
Presence Charisma 0 People's initial reaction is more favorable (+2 Charisma)
Quick Pockets Agility d6 May take an item from bags as a free action
Rad Child Vigor d6, Human or Ghoul +1 bonus to natural healing checks for each level of Rad Poisoning
Rad Resistance* Human +2 Rad Resistance
Smooth Talker Persuasion d6 +2 to Persuasion rolls
Steady Arm Super Mutant May use a Heavy Weapon with only one hand
Stonewall Strength d6 +2 to Strength rolls resisting grapple or push maneuvers
Strong Back Strength d6 Carry an additional 25 lbs over the load limit
Swift Learner   Gain an advance after accumulating 4 Experience Points
Tech Wizard* Ghoul +1 to Repair and Science rolls
Tribal* Human +1 to Fighting and Survival rolls
Vault Dweller* Human +1 to Medicine and Science rolls
Wastelander* Human +1 to Small Guns and Streetwise rolls

* Background Edges chosen during character creation.

Seasoned Edges

Name Requirements Notes
Adrenaline Rush   Ignore wound penalties for Strength and Strength based skill rolls
Animal Friend Spirit d8, Survival d10, Beastmaster Animals will assist in fights, though not against other animals
Computer Whiz Smarts d6, Science d8 +2 to computer Science/ use rolls
Demolitions Expert Explosives d8 +2 to Explosives rolls when (dis)arming explosives; Explosive devices do +1d6 damage
Ghost Agility d8, Stealth d10 +2 to Stealth movement rolls
Heave Ho!   Double range for throwing weapons
Hit the Deck Agility d6 +2 to Agility rolls to dodge area attacks; negates 1d6 damage by explosives
Hot Potato! Explosives d8 Grenades cannot be thrown back or dodged
Jury Rig Smarts d6, Repair d8 No penalty for making repairs without spare parts
Light Step Agility d8 50% chance not to set off mines and traps
Pack Rat Strong Back Can carry an additional 25 lbs over the load limit
Power Armour Training   Can use power armour
Pyromaniac Big Guns or Explosives d8 +1d6 damage to every conflagrant target
Quick Recovery Agility d8 May get up from prone as a free action
Robotics Expert Repair d8, Science d8 +1d6 damage against constructs; can disable constructs on a successful Stealth attack.  +2 to robotic Science rolls
Sharpshooter Smarts d6, Notice d8 Range modifiers for Medium and Long range reduced to -1/ -2
Silent Running Agility d6, Stealth d8 No Stealth penalty for running
Snake Eater Vigor d8 +2 to Vigor rolls against poison
Super Slam! Strength d8, Fighting d8 Fighting attacks which hit with a raise knock the target prone
Trap Expert Survival d8 +2 to Survival rolls when (dis)arming traps
Tunnel Rat Agility d8 May crawl at full Pace

Veteran Edges

Name Requirements Notes
Action Boy   Multi-action penalty reduced by 1
Bloody Mess No Mercy +2 Bonus when spending a Benny on a damage roll
Commando Agility d10, Small Guns or Big Guns d10 Called Shots modifiers reduced by 50% for two-handed guns
Gunslinger Agility d10, Small Guns d10 Called Shots modifiers reduce by 50% for one-handed guns
Hand-to-Hand Evade Fighting d10 +1 to Defend and +2 to Full Defense maneuvers if unarmed
Living Anatomy Medicine d10 +1 damage to humanoid creatures.
Master Trader Charisma 2, Barter d10 +2 to Barter rolls
More Criticals Fighting, Small Guns, Big Guns, or Explosives d10, Luck Gain a raise on a roll of 3 points over the target number to hit for chosen weapon specialization
Mutate!   May swap the value of two attributes
Piercing Strike Fighting d10 Fighting attacks negate 2 points of armor
Rapid Reload Agility d8, Small Guns d10 May make an Agility check to reload a weapon that takes 1 action to reload as a free action
Roughin' It Survival d10 Fatigue penalties reduced by 1
Run n' Gun Agility d8 No penalty for moving in the same round as firing a Snapfire weapon
Splash Damage Explosives d10 Explosives affect a larger Burst Template
Tough Hide Super Mutant +2 Toughness
Weapon Handling Agility d6 No penalty for using weapons without meeting the Strength requirements

Heroic Edges

Name Requirements Notes
Better Criticals Fighting, Small Guns, Big Guns, or Explosives d12, Luck Bonus damage die is d10 instead of d6 for chosen weapon specialization
Cult of Personality Charisma 4 No matter the character's reputation and alignment, people always have a favourable initial reaction
Master Thief Agility d12, Thief Athletics, Lockpick and Stealth Wild Die are d8
Medic Medicine d10, Healer Medicine Wild Die is d8
Negotiator Persuasion d10, Barter d10 Persuasion and Barter Wild Die is d8.
Scientist Science d10, Lab Assistant Science Wild Die is d8
Survivalist Smarts d6, Vigor d6, Survival d10 Survival Wild Die is d8
Technician Repair d10, Mr. Fix It Repair Wild Die is d8

 Legendary Edges

Name Requirements Notes
Concentrated Fire Small Guns or Big Guns d12 +1 to hit every round same target is fired at; bonus is lost if taking any other actions
Paralyzing Palm Fighting d12, Improved Martial Artist Target is paralyzed for 2d6 rounds on a Shaken or Wounded result from an unarmed Fighting attack, instead of taking damage
Rad Absorption Vigor d10 May make Vigor roll once per day to lose 1 level of Rad Poisoning.
Rad Tolerance Human No negative effects from minor Rad Poisoning
Silent Death Agility d12, Fighting d10, Ghost Double damage for unarmed or melee stealth attacks
Slayer Agility d12, Strength d12, Fighting d12 Gain a bonus damage die on successful Fighting attacks
Sniper Agility d12, Notice d12, Small Guns d12 Gain a raise on a roll 2 points over the target number to hit



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