*The following text is adapted from Savage Fallout version 4.1

Characters can attempt to scavenge abandoned buildings looking for food, fuel, ammunition, trade goods, and other useful items. Scavenging is done with the investigation skill, each attempt takes 1 hour; the items found depend on the degree of success, the type of building searched, and whether or not scavengers have already stripped the building of its loot. The size of a building determines the number of scavenging attempts. The results are cumulative; if the character succeeds with 2 raises he also gets the benefits of a success and 1 raise.

Building Type Size Success 1 Raise 2 Raises
Gas Station/ Garage 1 Fuel Fuel Fuel
Stockpile 1 Ammo Ammo Food
Convenience Store 1 Miscellaneous Food Fuel
Restaurant 2 Food Food Food
Residence 2 Food Fuel Medicine
Police Station 2 Ammo Ammo Medicine
Fire Station 2 Medicine Fuel Food
Storefront 3 Miscellaneous Food Mechanical
Pharmacy 4 Medicine Food Medicine
Supermarket 6 Food Medicine Food
Office 8 Electrical Mechanical Miscellaneous
Department Store 9 Miscellaneous Food Fuel
Hardware Store 9 Mechanical Electrical Electircal
Factory 9 Mechanical Electrical Fuel
Hospital 10 Medicine Medicine Medicine
Warehouse 16 Electrical Mechanical Miscellaneous


Electrical parts consist of miscellaneous materials needed to build and repair electrical devices. The actual scavenged items may be parts from old televisions, computers, or power transformers, but they all count as parts for the purposes of repairing computers and energy weapons.


Mechanical parts consist of miscellaneous materials needed to build and repair mechanical devices. The actual scavenged items may be parts from non functioning guns or automobile engines, air conditioners, or other devices, but they all count as parts for the purposes of repairing large machinery, vehicles and weapons.


You find 1d6 portions of preserved food. Scavenged food consists of canned goods from before the apocalypse.


Medicines are antibiotics, bandages and other chems. When you successfully scavenge medicine you gain 1D6 doses of the type indicate by the medical supply chart.

d% Result
01-49 Medical Supplies
50-59 Stimpak
60-69 Psycho
70-79 Jet
80-84 Med-X
85-89 Rad-X
90-100 Rad Away


Ammo can be in the form of bullets or power cells for more exotic weapons. When you successfully scavenge ammo gain 1D6 magazines of the type indicated by the ammo chart.


Fusion batteries and gasoline required to power large machinery and vehicles.


Miscellaneous items are just that: the miscellaneous leftovers of the age of civilization.

d% Result d% Result
01-04 Backpack 50-52 Fatigues
05-09 Battery 53-58 Fire Extinguisher
10 Binoculars, Standard 59-61 Road Flare
11-13 Bolt Cutters 62-69 Flashlight
14-19 Pre-War Book 70-74 Road Atlas
20-24 Briefcase 75 Mechanical Tool Kit
25-27 Chemical Light Sticks (5) 76-78 Multi-purpose Tool
28-33 Cigarette Lighter 79-83 Parka
34 Compass 84 Rope (150 ft.)
35-40 Box of Cigarettes 85 Tent, 2 Person Dome
41-45 Camera 86-91 Toolbelt
46-48 Duct Tape 92 Walkie-Talkie, Basic
49 Electrical Tool Kit 93-100 Pre-War Money ($100)



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